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An individual sues cruise corporation over alleged negligence.

Short Plaintiff Descriptionan individualDefendant NameCarnival corporationShort Defendant Descriptioncruise corporationPlaintiff Name(s)Ruth LasherShort AllegationnegligenceDate Lawsuit/Complaint was Filed2016-01-07Court NameU.S.

Man alleges Caffi Brothers Body Shop refused to pay overtime

MIAMI—A man alleges a body shop neglected to pay overtime during his six years of working as a car polisher.

R&B singer Mario's album at center of court fight

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—Florida music producers recently filed a suit against a company for alleged fraudulent actions regarding promotion of an album by R&B singer Mario. 

Space Coast Law School seminar aimed at providing free legal education

VIERA — The Space Coast Law School invites all members of the public to join their free legal seminar as they prepare to launch into their 2016 semester.

Seterus allegedly violated debt collection laws

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.—A Florida woman filed a federal claim against a debt-collection company that allegedly tried to collect an unsubstantiated debt from her.

Reliant Life Insurance allegedly violated Employee Retirement Income Security Act

PENSACOLA—An employee of an offshore transportation service provider filed a federal lawsuit against an insurance company, alleging it denied his right to disability benefits in violation of a 1974 act that protects retirement income.

Model alleges Plumbing Experts are using her image without permission

MIAMI—A Colorado-based model is suing a plumbing business over alleged unauthorized use of her photograph for advertisements in the Southern Florida region.

Michael Higer's dedication to Florida Bar leads to 2017 presidency

MIAMI — As president-elect designate for the Florida Bar in 2017, attorney Michael J. Higer brings a long history of service to the position.

Florida cosmetic companies battling over alleged trademark violations

MIAMI—A Florida cosmetics company is suing another business in the state alleging it has used trademarked wording.

Owner of Norwegian Epic named in negligence suit

MIAMI—A Lee County woman is suing a cruise line over allegations that her arm was injured when an employee struck her with a heavy door.

An individual sues cruise company over alleged negligence.

Short Plaintiff Descriptionan individualDefendant NameCosta CrociereShort Defendant Descriptioncruise companyPlaintiff Name(s)John DistefanoShort AllegationnegligenceDate Lawsuit/Complaint was Filed2016-01-15Court NameU.S.

Repair company seeks foreclosure on cruise ship, alleging upaid services

A ship-repair company is filing suit against the cruise ship Americana for allegations of unpaid services and seeks foreclosure of the vessel.

Suit against RV plumbing manufacturers claims breach of contract, interference

A Jacksonville company is suing over allegations that the defendants, headquartered in Taiwan, shipped faulty faucets and shower stalls, and then interfered with the plaintiff's ability to conduct business.

Towing company accuses the Maraton of unpaid services

MIAMI – A Florida towing and transportation company is suing motor vessel Maraton for allegedly unpaid services.

Passenger of the Costa Mediterranea blames cruise ship for knee injury

MIAMI – A New York man filed a claim against Costa Crociere and its cruise ship, the Costa Mediterranea for neglecting to provide a safe environment, which led to an alleged knee injury.

Former Dunkin Donuts employee accuses managers of not paying overtime

OCALA – A former Dunkin Donuts employee filed a lawsuit against her employers over allegations of refusing to pay minimum wage and overtime.

Pipe manufacturer employee sues Spears Coastline claiming FLSA violation

JACKSONVILLE – A Nassau County man is suing Spears Coastline Plastics, alleging the chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) pipe manufacturer intentionally neglected to pay for owed overtime.

BPI Sports claims competitor's bars are advertised with false claims

MIAMI – A Hollywood company is suing over allegedly false claims made by a competitor regarding the competitor's energy bars.

Filipino media company seeks $2 million per alleged copyright infringement

FORT LAUDERDALE—A media corporation based in the Philippines and California is suing over alleged trademark and copyright infringement.

Woman blames Carnival Cruise Lines for slip-and-fall injuries

MIAMI — A Carnival Cruise Lines passenger is suing the Panamanian corporation for alleged negligence resulting in a disembarkation injury.