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Orlando attorney suspended after being found in contempt

Orlando attorney Nicholas Randall Jones has been suspended until further order following an Oct. 12 Florida Supreme Court order after he was found in contempt for not complying with a previous suspension over failing to respond to an official Florida State Bar inquiry.

Fort Lauderdale attorney publicly reprimanded for client issues while he was ill

Fort Lauderdale attorney David Arthur Eagle has been publicly reprimanded following a June 22 Florida Supreme Court order over allegations that, while suffering ill health, his communications with clients suffered and, in one case, the statute of limitations expired for lack of a filing.

Hollywood attorney disbarred following allegations client difficulties

Hollywood attorney Carol Lynn Benson Kendall has been disbarred following an Sept. 22 Florida Supreme Court order over allegations that included failing to adequately represent clients in two separate matters.

Parents blames Boys and Girls Club for daughter's injuries

ORLANDO — Two Orange County parents of a minor child are suing an Orlando organization, alleging failure to keep its property safe for children to play.

Orlando property owner alleges insurer breached contract

ORLANDO — An Orlando property owner is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Customer blames St. Petersburg Sam's Club for injuries

CLEARWATER — A Pinellas County woman is suing St. Petersburg Sam's Club property owners, alleging negligence caused injuries to the plaintiff.

Florida Supreme Court responds to questions about Florida copyright law

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Supreme Court answered four certified questions from the 11th Circuit regarding copyright law pertaining to pre-1972 sound recordings in a ruling filed Oct. 26.

Parent blames Publix for daughter's injuries

CLEARWATER — A mother is suing Publix, alleging its negligence caused her daughter to be injured.

Cape Coral attorney permanently disbarred after found in contempt

Cape Coral attorney Renee Binns has been permanently disbarred following an Sept. 14 Florida Supreme Court order over allegations she was found in contempt for violating several Florida State Bar rules.

Motorist blames another driver for crash, injuries

CLEARWATER — A St. Petersburg man is suing a motorist, alleging negligence caused a crash that injured the plaintiff.

Customer alleges restaurant's food made her sick

CLEARWATER — A Tampa woman is suing a St. Petersburg restaurant, alleged negligence led to her becoming ill.

Patient accuses medical providers of negligence

CLEARWATER — A patient is suing medical providers, alleging negligence caused him pain and suffering.

Former worker accuses Off Lease Only of wrongful termination

ORLANDO — A sales manager is suing an Orlando business, alleging retaliation and wrongful termination.

Creditor alleges Winter Park business owes $17,500

ORLANDO — A creditor is suing a Winter Park business, alleging an unpaid debt of $17,500.

Orange County property owners allege contractors breached contract

ORLANDO — Two Orange County property owners are suing contractors and construction companies, alleging breach of contract.

Insurance firm accuses motorist of negligence

CLEARWATER — An insurance firm is suing a motorist, alleging his negligence caused a crash.

Customer blames Bealls for injuries

ORLANDO — An Orange County woman is suing an Orlando retail store, alleging negligence in keeping its premises safe.

Couple blames crossbow manufacturer for husband's injuries

CLEARWATER — A Pennsylvania couple is suing a Florida manufacturer of outdoors equipment, alleging loss of consortium, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, gross negligence, product liability and strict liability.

Homeowner alleges insurance company failed to cover losses

ORLANDO — A Maitland homeowner is suing an insurance company, alleged breach of contract in failing to cover damages to her home.

Massachusetts attorney suspended after found in contempt

Massachusetts attorney Heather Aquafresca has been suspended for three years, effective immediately, following an Sept. 13 Florida Supreme Court after being found in contempt for failing to comply with a March 8 suspension order.