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No smoke for medical marijuana users until appeal plays out

By John Breslin | Jul 12, 2018

Medical marijuana users still cannot smoke the plant after First District Court of Appeals reinstated a stay until the appeal process plays out.

Appeals court rules against energy company seeking refund in federal nuclear waste tax dispute

By John Breslin | Jul 11, 2018

MIAMI – A federal appeals court recently ruled against a nuclear power plant operator over a claim that it is entitled to a nearly $100 million tax refund for losses caused by paying fees for the disposal of radioactive waste.

Suit alleges children held in solitary confinement at county jail for months

By John Breslin | Jul 10, 2018

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla -- A class action suit has been filed challenging the keeping of children charged as adults, but not yet convicted, in solitary confinement.

Insurer sues Florida Power claims after transformer explosion, fire at shoe company warehouse

By John Breslin | Jul 3, 2018

MIAMI – A Florida power company is being sued in U.S. District Court Court for the Southern District of Florida, Miami Division, by the insurer of a shoe company whose premises were badly damaged in a 2016 fire.

Television sports provider alleges partner has failed to pay full amount

By John Breslin | Jun 28, 2018

MIAMI -- A television sports event provider is suing one of its partners, alleging failure to pay $666,000 in fees.

Cruise ship passenger alleges negligence in ramp collapse

By John Breslin | Jun 28, 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE -- A Florida woman has filed suit against a cruise ship operator, alleging she suffered serious injury when a boarding ramp collapsed.

Default judgment in retrofit LED patent infringement case on hold, but long-running dispute may be winding down

By John Breslin | Jun 18, 2018

FORT MYERS – A nearly three-year legal dispute between two former partners in the retrofit LED lighting industry appears to be approaching an end after the defendants in the patent infringement case failed to file a response to a motion for default judgment.

Judge allows foster child to amend complaint in negligence case, grants motions to dismiss by two defendants

By John Breslin | Jun 18, 2018

FORT MYERS – A suit on behalf of a child in foster care against outside contractors hired by the state of Florida will continue after a federal judge recently denied some motions to dismiss made by defendants and allowed the plaintiff to amend his complaint.

Naples attorney fails in bid to have malpractice suit dismissed; judge orders case transferred to Florida court

By John Breslin | Jun 18, 2018

A federal judge in Vermont recently denied a Florida-based attorney's request to dismiss a suit brought against him by a foreign investor who accuses the attorney of legal malpractice, inadequate representation and unjust enrichment in an alleged scam involving $200 million.

Court favors defendant in trademark case

By John Breslin | Jun 17, 2018

Two health-related companies sparring over claims of trademark infringement had differing outcomes regarding expert witness testimony.

Attorney offers reward over suspicions lawsuit manufactured by tort reform advocates

By John Breslin | Jun 7, 2018

MIAMI - A Florida attorney is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can confirm his suspicion that a lawsuit against fast food giant McDonalds over cheese on its burgers is frivolous.

Tobacco companies say not liable for lung cancer of Cuban immigrant who began smoking long before arriving in US

By John Breslin | May 27, 2018

​Lawyers for two big tobacco companies defending themselves against charges that they were responsible for the lung cancer of an individual are arguing that a Cuban native began smoking long before he came to the United States and used their brands.

Florida AG aware of pelvic mesh allegations, currently reviewing

By John Breslin | Apr 30, 2018

TALLAHASSEE - Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is reviewing allegations that lawyers, lenders and doctors may have been involved in a scheme that led to women being enticed into corrective pelvic mesh implant surgery.

Florida students seek policies for climate change

By John Breslin | Apr 23, 2018

TALLAHASSEE -- Eight Florida students are suing Gov. Rick Scott and state agencies in a bid to force them to draw up a plan to combat the effects of climate change.

Business groups urge Florida Supreme Court to decline minimum wage review

By John Breslin | Feb 8, 2018

Business groups and the state of Florida are urging the state Supreme Court to pass on reviewing a lower court decision blocking the city of Miami Beach from unilaterally raising the minimum wage.

DeSantis entry will make governor's race more competitive, expert says

By John Breslin | Jan 24, 2018

Congressman Ron DeSantis will make the race for governor more competitive and ideologically driven, according to one political analyst.

Political battle predicted after Florida Supreme Court denies petition in judicial appointment case

By John Breslin | Jan 5, 2018

Plaintiffs seeking to pre-empt Gov. Rick Scott's likely appointment of three justices on his final day in office remain mum after the Florida Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

Supreme Court denies petition barring governor from making judicial appointments

By John Breslin | Dec 15, 2017

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled a petition requesting it bars Gov. Rick Scott from appointing three new justices to the state's highest court is not "ripe for consideration."

Supreme Court denies recusal of Justice Pariente, no explanation offered

By John Breslin | Nov 29, 2017

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente will not be recused from a case that centers on who will make the decision to appoint replacements for her and two colleagues on the bench.

Contributions by justices to activists emerge again amid Supreme Court 'hot mic' controversy

By John Breslin | Nov 21, 2017

TALLAHASSEE - Contributions made by two Supreme Court justices to an activist group after a fractious retention vote nearly five years ago are being used by critics to argue they should recuse themselves from a case because they are biased against Gov. Rick Scott.

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