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Hollywood attorney suspended indefinitely for allegedly misappropriating almost $20,000

Hollywood attorney Mizell Campbell Jr has been suspended indefinitely following an Oct. 12 Florida Supreme Court emergency suspension order over allegations he commingled trust funds and with his personal funds and misappropriated almost $20,000.

Federal appeals court affirms district court in securities fraud case

ATLANTA - The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit affirmed Nov. 1 the dismissal of a complaint and denial of a motion to move the case to a Florida state court made by a broker accused of alleged securities fraud.

Patient alleges hospital failed to properly assist him from wheelchair

ORLANDO — A patient is suing an Ocoee medical facility, alleging failure to assist the plaintiff from a wheelchair.

Orlando property owner alleges insurer failed to cover water damage

ORLANDO — An Orlando property owner is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Jacksonville attorney publicly reprimanded, placed on probation following DUI plea

Jacksonville attorney Robert Charles Grady has been publicly reprimanded by publication and placed on two years' probation following an Sept. 22 Florida Supreme Court order after he pled guilty to DUI.

Aventura attorney in Haitian earthquake temporary housing scheme agrees to disbarment

Aventura attorney Ronny Jay Halperin, who in 2012 was an alleged

Jacksonville attorney suspended following allegation of 3rd alcohol-related police interaction

Jacksonville attorney Stephanie J. Hartley has been suspended following an Oct. 26 Florida Supreme Court order following a no-contest plea to an alcohol-related breach of peace/disorderly conduct charge.

Tallahassee attorney publicly reprimanded, allegedly recruited client who feared fake investigation

Tallahassee attorney Robert Augustus Harper has been publicly reprimanded by publication following an Oct. 21 Florida Supreme Court order for allegedly recruiting a client after convincing her that she was being investigated and failing in certain court filings.

Cooper City attorney suspended fifth time in 2 years

Cooper City attorney Melissa A. Heaton has been suspended until further order following an Oct. 25 Florida Supreme Court order after failing to notify the Florida State Bar of her no contest plea to a drug possession charge.

Employee accuses transportation company of wrongful termination

ORLANDO — An employee is suing a transportation company, alleging retaliation and wrongful termination.

Golf course employee blames ice delivery business for truck fire, injuries

ORLANDO — A groundskeeper employee is suing an ice distributor, alleging failure to maintain a refrigerated truck that led to a fire.

Lender alleges loan borrower owes nearly $250,000

ORLANDO — An Orange County man is suing a loan borrower, alleging failure to pay off monthly loans.

Attorney's conduct results in $5,000 sanction order

ATLANTA -- The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a sanction order against an attorney who admitted she was wrong but then went back on her word.

Customer blames McDonald's for injuries due to spilled hot coffee

ORLANDO — An Orange County woman is suing McDonald's, alleging failure to properly secure the lid of a hot coffee cup that led to injuries.

Dunedin nursing home accused of negligence in resident's death

CLEARWATER — A personal representative is suing a Dunedin nursing home, alleging negligence and wrongful death.

Coral Gables attorney disbarred, ordered to pay more than $305,000 restitution

Coral Gables attorney Aura Olivas has been disbarred following an Oct. 26 Florida Supreme Court order that also directed her to pay more than $305,000 in restitution to a client.

Miami Beach attorney, disbarred again, challenges Florida Supreme Court authority

Miami Beach attorney Erwin Rosenberg has been permanently disbarred following a Sept. 25 Florida Supreme Court order over allegations he continue to practice law after being disbarred in April and challenged the high court's authority to say he can't.

Orange County property owner accuses contractor of breach of contract

ORLANDO — An Orange County woman is suing a home builder, alleging breach of contract.

Customer blames Orlando property owner for injuries

ORLANDO — An Orange County man is suing an Orlando property owner, alleging negligence led to injuries for the plaintiff.

Orange County landlord alleges tenant, guarantor breached lease agreement

ORLANDO — An Orange County landlord is suing a tenant and guarantor, alleging breach of a lease agreement and breach of guaranty.