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Marion County Sheriff's Office sergeant accused of violating woman's privacy

TAMPA — An appeals court is investigating the complaint from a woman who claims a sergeant at the Marion County Sheriff's Office violated her privacy and accessed her personal information as well as the personal information of thousands of others by accessing their vehicle identification database.

Experts: Roofing company that has scammed Florida homeowners may not be finished

JACKSONVILLE—A roofing company that has scammed more than 70 Florida homeowners is desperately searching for a loophole which would allow them to continue exploiting new customers.

Florida courts invalidate case against Boca Raton

JACKSONVILLE — A case against the city of Boca Raton, Chabad of East Boca Raton and TJCV Land Trust has been dismissed, following a complaint concerning the construction of a controversial religious center.

11th Circuit rules in case over felons' reinstatement of voting rights

TALLAHASSEE — The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has ruled in favor of the state Executive Clemency Board in the case of convicted felons who sought to have their voting rights reinstated.

Former employee claims he faced workplace discrimination at Xylem Dewatering Solutions

FORT LAUDERDALE — An employer is being sued over allegations of unpaid overtime wages and retaliation for reporting the unpaid wages as well as discrimination, a hostile work environment and retaliation for complaints about such behavior.

Minors sue Gov. Scott for failing to take climate change seriously

A group of juveniles is suing the state of Florida and Gov. Rick Scott, alleging that their constitutional rights are being violated in relation to climate change and the apparent lack of action from the government to remedy the situation.

Court case could give banks advantage in foreclosures regarding attorney's fees

TALLAHASSEE – A recent Florida Supreme Court case regarding foreclosure and the payment of attorney's fees has been gaining a great deal of traction and may even impact attorney pay for the foreseeable future in the state.

Attorney challenges Florida Bar’s recommendation of disbarment, alleges free speech violations

MIAMI BEACH – A Miami Beach attorney is fighting disbarment after he claims that he was pursued in bad faith by the Florida Bar and even allegedly threatened by a judge.

Personal injury protection insurance scrutinized

TALLAHASSEE—Amid a flood of assignment of benefits schemes that have insurance companies stretched thin, auto insurance reform is being sought to guarantee justice for those injured in car crashes, but this reform has been met with a great deal of pushback from insurers.

Despite increasing assignment of benefits fraud, some see hope for reform

A surge of assignment of benefits fraud has left Florida residents with higher rates for their insurance, and the Florida Legislature has let another year go by without enacting changes to stop such instances of fraud.

Under Florida bill, 9th Circuit could expand, other circuits could lose judges

A bill is working its way through the Florida Legislature that would add judgeships to the 9th Judicial Circuit while removing them from other circuits.

House bill would reduce man's jury award by over $2 million

A man who was injured in an Orlando crash involving a county employee may be awarded $750,000 by Orange County rather than a $2.9 million award from a 2012 jury trial.

Black Lives Matter Tampa lambasts new juvenile detention predisposition law

TALLAHASSEE – An appeals court recently issued a ruling that would have meant a number of Florida counties had to pay the state as much as $100 million in predisposition costs before underage offenders were sentenced, but recent legislation signed into law at the end of March by Gov. Rick Scott made the court case a moot point.

Non-law students have options for pursuing an LL.M. degree

MIAMI GARDENS – In recent years, there has been a growing interest in students who are pursuing LL.M. degrees, otherwise known as an advanced law certification with credibility worldwide, even though these students may not be involved in the law industry personally.