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Individual alleged to owe more than $9,000 on student loan, plus interest

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Miami-Dade County resident is alleged to have defaulted on and education loan.

Prudential accused of wrongfully denying long-term disability benefits claim

TAMPA – A woman alleges her claim for disability benefits was wrongfully denied.

Government claims Broward County resident failed to pay student loan

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Broward County man is alleged to have defaulted on an education loan.

Man alleges Implant Seminars terminated him without reason

FORT LAUDERDALE – A man alleges he was terminated in retaliation by a Miami-Dade County business because of a lawsuit that was filed by two other employees.

Former USA Air Duct Cleaners LLC technician alleges he is owed unpaid overtime wages

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Fort Lauderdale man alleges he was not paid the required rate for overtime work during his employment as an air conditional technician.

Ram & Sons Inc. alleged to have not paid man a minimum wage

MIAMI – A former employee for a Miami-Dade County motor vehicle repair shop alleges he was not paid a minimum wage during his employment.

Criminal-contempt charge against Palm Beach County attorney dropped

PALM BEACH, Fla. — A Palm Beach County assistant who was facing a contempt-of-court charge recently had the charge against her dropped, but she still faces professional-misconduct allegations.

Man alleged to owe more than $1,000, plus interest, on student loan

MIAMI – A Miami-Dade County man is accused of defaulting on a student loan.

Norwegian Cruise Line passenger alleges he burned feet on hot deck

MIAMI – A Florida couple alleges the husband suffered second-degree burns on his feet because of a hot deck.

Woman alleges she is owed unpaid wages by Fajas Depot

MIAMI – A former salesperson alleges she was not paid a minimum wage by her employer.

Consumer claims American Medical Collection Agency's fee violates collection laws

MIAMI – A Miami consumer claims a debt collector tried to collect an unlawful fee.

Solasi assistant accuses company of wage law violations

MIAMI – An assistant for a Miami-Dade County business claims she was not paid overtime wages.

L.O. Florist Supplies employee files suit for allegedly unpaid overtime

MIAMI – A warehouse worker alleges he is owed unpaid overtime wages.

Man claims Carnival Cruise Line's negligence caused him to slip on wet deck

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Carnival passenger alleges he was injured because he slipped on a deck that was wet with rain.

Woman alleges Sonata Villages terminated her in retaliation

BUSHNELL – A Marion County woman alleges she was terminated in retaliation for complaining about her former employer's alleged violation of a wage law.

Seasonal farm workers' lawsuit in limbo

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Six seasonal farmworkers have filed suit against their former employer over wage issues and record keeping.

Consumer claims Steller Recovery unlawfully contacted relative

JACKSONVILLE – A Georgia man claims a Jacksonville debt collector invaded his privacy by contacting a relative.

Individual allege to owe more than $17,000 on student loan

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Palm Beach County resident is alleged to owe on a student loan.

Household manager alleges he was not paid overtime during employment

TAMPA – A certified household manager and personal chef alleges he is owed wages from his former Hillsborogh County employer.

Palm Beach County resident alleged to have defaulted on student loan

FORT LAUDERDALE – The federal government alleges that a Palm Beach County man owes more than $14,000 on an education loan.