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Judge allows Kubota dealer's lawsuit to continue vs Kubota over access to software

By Chandra Lye | May 15, 2019

The U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida largely denied Kubota's attempt to quickly end a lawsuit brought by a dealer who accused the tractor and heavy equipment maker of interfering in their relationship with a customer.

Court dismisses Honduran employee's severance, negligence case against Intergro

By Chandra Lye | Mar 30, 2019

A Honduran woman has lost her case against Florida company Intergro over injuries sustained during a team-building rafting trip.

Jurisdictional discovery motion granted in WWE case

By Chandra Lye | Mar 30, 2019

A U.S. District Court has granted motion for leave to conduct limited jurisdictional discovery in a case involving World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Judge allows expert witnesses to testify for both sides in Carnival cruise slip-and-fall case

By Chandra Lye | Mar 27, 2019

A Miami federal judge has rejected requests by both sides to reject testimony from expert witnesses amid a lawsuit over a slip-and-fall suffered by a man aboard a Carnival cruise ship.

Preliminary injunction denied for two therapists seeking to perform 'sexual orientation therapy' on youth

By Chandra Lye | Feb 23, 2019

The U.S. District Court for Southern Florida denied a motion for preliminary injunction that two therapists sought against ordinances preventing them from practicing sexual orientation and gender identity therapy on youth.

Florida Bar updates online lawyer referral service

By Chandra Lye | Feb 23, 2019

Florida residents in need of legal advice or help will benefit from an enhanced online referral website announced by the Florida Bar.

Judge denies First Transit's motion for new trial

By Chandra Lye | Feb 22, 2019

MIAMI -- A U.S. district court judge has denied First Transit's motion for a new trial.

District Court awards $400,000 in three-year intellectual property dispute

By Chandra Lye | Feb 21, 2019

Plaintiff argued that defendant started up domains that were too similar to their own brand.

Florida Bar recognizes Hill Ward Henderson lawyer Tori Simmons for pro bono work

By Chandra Lye | Jan 18, 2019

The Florida Bar has named Tori Simmons as its recipient of the 2019 Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Pro Bono Service Award.

Florida Appeals Court reverses lower court decision over two brothers' 'adult-oriented' websites

By Chandra Lye | Jan 2, 2019

A Florida appeals court has overturned the decision of a lower court in a dispute between two brothers over their adult-orientated websites.

Florida appeals court upholds decision against R.J. Reynolds in wrongful death suit

By Chandra Lye | Jan 2, 2019

MIAMI – Florida's Third District Court of Appeal recently upheld a lower court's decision to deny a new trial in a wrongful death lawsuit against R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Appeals court upholds lower court decision in dispute over Heron's Landing condos

By Chandra Lye | Dec 30, 2018

A Florida appeals court has affirmed the decision of a lower court in a dispute over the condition of condominium units in Jacksonville.

Florida Democrats sue to have voter registration deadline extended

By Chandra Lye | Oct 15, 2018

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) recently filed a complaint for emergency and injunctive and declaratory relief against Secretary of State Ken Detzner, claiming the legal requirement for voters to register by Oct. 9 is hindered due to Hurricane Michael.

Judge dismisses efforts to exclude several witnesses in suit alleging hip fracture during massage aboard cruise ship

By Chandra Lye | Oct 15, 2018

MIAMI – A U.S. District Court recently paved the way for a trial in a personal injury complaint against Carnival Corporation by ruling on several motions regarding witness testimony in the case.

Federal judge declines to throw out lawsuit over injuries caused by severe turbulence

By Chandra Lye | Oct 13, 2018

A federal court declined to throw out parts of two passengers' lawsuit against a Spanish airline.

Louis Vuitton sues over alleged counterfeit products

By Chandra Lye | Oct 13, 2018

A luxury retailer accuses dozens of websites of selling counterfeit goods over the internet.

Employee cannot bring lawsuit outside of Pennsylvania, appeals court rules

By Chandra Lye | Oct 13, 2018

A Florida employee of an industrial equipment supplier must contest his termination in Pennsylvania, a federal appeals court ruled.

Copyright case over telenovelas dismissed

By Chandra Lye | Oct 11, 2018

A federal judge threw out a copyright lawsuit over two Mexican telenovelas.

Florida resident must provide more information in Colombian construction company dispute

By Chandra Lye | Oct 11, 2018

A Florida resident must produce several documents related to his lawsuit alleging misappropriation of funds, a federal judge ruled.

Federal court throws out fraud suit against oil company owner

By Chandra Lye | Oct 3, 2018

A federal judge threw out a lawsuit accusing an oil exploration company of misleading investors.

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