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Appeals court: Hillsborough judge should have excused juror, sends tobacco suit to new trial

By Florida Record | Mar 13, 2019

Florida's Second District Court of Appeal has ordered a new trial in a lawsuit brought by the estate of a man who sued tobacco products maker Philip Morris USA, as the appeals panel ruled a Hillsborough County judge improperly refused to allow the plaintiff's lawyers to dismiss for cause a potential juror who said he believed the man's illnesses were caused by his choice to smoke.

Plaintiffs asking for $8 million in Philip Morris lung cancer trial

By John Sammon | Feb 21, 2019

MIAMI – Closing arguments in the lawsuit filed against Philip Morris by the family of a man who died of lung cancer saw attorneys for Ulysee Holliman argue that nicotine addiction killed him and the cigarette maker conspired to fool the public on the dangers of smoking.

Arguments open in suit against Philip Morris alleging conspiracy in man’s death from smoking

By John Sammon | Feb 12, 2019

Add Teaser hereMIAMI – Arguments began Monday in the trial to determine if a conspiracy to defraud the public by tobacco giant Philip Morris led to a man’s death from lung cancer in 1993.

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