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BRYANT & HIGBY: Woman says sparkling water caused her personal injury

By Press release submission | Oct 12, 2018

Florida sparkling water consumers really have no way of knowing what is in the products they drink other than by reading the ingredient list on the label.

BRYANT & HIGBY: Truck accidents on the rise -- should the government step in?

By Press release submission | Oct 7, 2018

Because of the larger size and heavy weight of many semitrailers, Florida readers know accidents involving trucks and smaller vehicles often result in grave consequences.

BRYANT & HIGBY: Are Florida jails involved in medical malpractice problems?

By Press release submission | Aug 30, 2018

As in most states, a portion of Florida's residents are incarcerated.

BRYANT & HIGBY: Widow files medical malpractice lawsuit alleging negligence

By Press release submission | Aug 3, 2018

Medical professionals go through several years of training in order to prepare them for treating a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.

BRYANT & HIGBY: $135 million awarded in medical malpractice case

By Press release submission | Jul 15, 2018

Many Florida residents may know someone who has undergone treatment for a serious medical condition.

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