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Carnival fails to secure favorable judgment in burn injury lawsuit

Carnival Corp.’s motion for summary judgment in a burn injury case was denied on Feb. 26 by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Louisville Ladder granted summary judgment

MIAMI – Louisville Ladder Inc.’s motion for a ruling that it was not at fault for “failing to warn users of a design defect in [its ladders]” was granted as part of a defect lawsuit filed by a man who fell from a ladder manufactured by the company, according to an order filed March 1 by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Class counsel awarded more than $2 million share of Trump golf club judgment fund

A court has granted award of attorney's fees in a case involving Trump National Golf Club Jupiter and The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa Jupiter.

3rd District Court of Appeal upholds ruling dismissing doctor's testimony

The 3rd District Court of Appeal has affirmed a lower court ruling that the opinions of a doctor who testified in a case related to the death of the plaintiff’s mother did not have “sufficient evidentiary weight to be submitted to the jury,” according to the Jan. 17 opinion.

Honus Wagner Co. trademark-infringement lawsuit thrown out by district court

A trademark-infringement lawsuit filed by a company bearing the name of early 20th century Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player Honus Wagner was dismissed because the court lacks personal jurisdiction over the defendants, according to a Dec. 21 opinion.

Federal court enforces arbitration award in dispute involving Hipasat SA

The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida has enforced a foreign arbitral award in favor of Hipasat SA after a magistrate judge recommended the enforcement, according to an order published on Aug. 24.

Samsung washing machine buyers claim recall efforts fall short

MIAMI — Samsung Electronics America Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. are facing a class-action lawsuit related to alleged exploding washing machines.

Free-roof insurance scam plagues Florida homeowners

TALLAHASSEE — A trend has emerged in the storm-battered Sunshine State in which a relatively small number of roofers and attorneys are suing insurance companies for more than the actual cost of repair or, in some cases, for non-existent damage. 

Florida Bar Foundation focuses on determining self-representation numbers, pro bono needs

MIAMI — The Florida Bar Foundation hopes its Everyone Counts initiative will lead to answers on just how many pro bono attorneys are needed and just how many people are representing themselves in court.

Disability termination lawsuit against Standard Insurance nothing new

FORT LAUDERDALE — A case involving a former TIN Inc. employee seeking reinstatement of his long-term disability benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is not Standard Insurance Co.’s first experience with this type of lawsuit, according to one Florida attorney.

Collaboration helps juvenile offenders forge a path for the future

JACKSONVILLE – A pro bono program for juvenile offenders who have completed the State Attorney’s Office’s diversion program, which began as a collaboration between Florida Coastal School of Law and the Center for Legal Rights, has blossomed into a new joint effort that links the city, the State Attorney’s Office, Florida Coastal, the Duval County Clerk of Courts, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.

Florida Supreme Court ruling addresses insurance payment clause debate

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Supreme Court has sided with a homeowner who sued American Home Assurance Co. Inc. after the insurer denied his claim related to water damage in his Naples home.  

Professor says quality appointments key for next Constitution Revision Commission

TALLAHASSEE, Florida – Interest in serving on the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) for the 2017-2018 term is ramping up, and Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Jorge Labarga already has 32 applicants for the 15 members he can choose for the 37-member commission.

Pacific Legal Foundation asks Florida Supreme Court to hear undertakings case

MARATHON – The Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF) has asked the Florida Supreme Court to review a regulatory undertakings case that pits the owners of a small island in the Florida Keys against the town that allegedly took jurisdiction over the property nearly three decades after it was purchased.  

Florida Supreme Court foreclosure ruling expected to increase filings, provide clarity

TALLAHASSEE – A Florida Supreme Court ruling allowing mortgage lenders to resume suspended foreclosure proceedings at any time likely will mean an increase in foreclosure filings, according to three mortgage experts, who also agree the ruling provides much-needed clarity and consistency to lenders.  

Citizens group raises safety, environmental, financial concerns about rail project

CORAL GABLES – Citizens Against Rail Expansion in Florida (CARE FL) voiced its support for Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties in their challenge of environmental permits issued in connection with All Aboard Florida’s Miami-to-Orlando railway project.  

Environmental groups look to stop three-state pipeline project

JUNO BEACH, FLORIDA – An attorney for Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, one of three environmental groups that have asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to stop construction on three Southeastern pipeline projects, said its primary concerns are the impacts the $3.2 billion Sabal Trail Pipeline project will have on the Chattahoochee River, its tributaries and the communities along those waterways.  

McGlinchey Stafford adds three attorneys to Florida Commercial Litigation group

FORT LAUDERDALE and JACKSONVILLE – McGlinchey Stafford PLLC has added of counsel Allen S. Katz and associates Shannon M. Arsenault and Gina L. Bulecza to its Commercial Litigation practice group in Florida. 

Environmental permit challenges latest chapter in rail project fight

CORAL GABLES – Officials in Martin and Indian River counties have started a new battle in connection with the completion of the proposed $3.1 billion All Aboard Florida Miami-to-Orlando project by attempting to derail efforts to obtain the necessary environmental permits.  

Florida police chiefs, former justices call for rejection of revised marijuana proposal

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) and five former Florida Supreme Court justices have voiced opposition to a November ballot question that asks voters in the state to legalize marijuana through a constitutional amendment.