San Diego attorney Christopher James O'Keefe has been disbarred by the California State Bar following a history of multiple disciplines stretching back more than 12 years, according to a recent state bar filing.

O'Keefe "has demonstrated an indifference in complying with his probation conditions and a lack of insight into his misconduct which raises this court's concern that if once again placed on suspension with the imposition of probation conditions, the misconduct will recur," said the 16-page amended decision issued Sept. 21 by the state bar.

The amended decision replaced the original decision issued Sept. 11 to include reference to costs awarded to the state bar.

The state bar's decision is pending final action by the California Supreme Court, an appeal before the state bar's review department or expiration of time in which parties may request further review within the state bar court.

O'Keefe's recommended disbarment was among the dispositions filed earlier this month by the state bar court's hearing department for September.  

O'Keefe was admitted to the bar in California on June 18, 1993, according to his profile at the state bar website.

O'Keefe has been suspended at least five times since summer 2005 and often was slow in responding to state bar investigations, according to the petition and information in his profile at the state bar's website. Alleged misconduct in those suspensions included abandoning clients, committing acts of moral turpitude, mishandling his client trust account and multiple instances of failing to cooperate with the bar’s investigation.

O'Keefe's first suspension, a partially stayed one year suspension with a year of probation, took effect July 10, 2005, following a state bar recommendation, according to information in his profile.

In January 2006, O'Keefe received a two-year suspension, with all but six months stayed, and was ordered to pay restitution after the state bar found he committed misconduct in a bankruptcy case, according to his profile. The suspension was one of two for O'Keef that year, according to his profile.

In his most recent suspension, a partially stayed two-year suspension in August 2011, the state bar court noted in mitigation that O'Keefe suffered emotional and physical difficulties and the medication for depression and pain affected his ability to comply with his probation, according to his profile.

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