Bondi at RNC: 'America's for Trump, and so am I'

By Kerry Goff | Aug 11, 2016

CLEVELAND – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi spoke at the Republican National Convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on the third day of the convention on July 20, supporting a Trump presidency and criticizing President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in her speech.

Bondi started her speech by announcing the importance of the upcoming election.

“Nov. 8 is a day of reckoning for all those who have abused their power,” she said. “It's the day when we the people will take back our government.”

She stressed the damage she sees created by Washington bureaucrats who have manipulated health care, and accused the president of violating constitutional rights and not protecting American borders.

“Nov. 8 is when America feels safe again, because that's when America wins again,” she said. “Because winning this election means reclaiming something to which I've dedicated my entire career: the rule of law.”

She explained that the laws she upholds are supposed to make neighborhoods safe, the economy strong and apply to everyone equally.

She then addressed Louisiana directly, pointing out the issues that have arisen because of the recent shooting deaths of three police officers and the wounding of three more.

“And Louisiana, now more than ever, laws that back our law enforcement,” she said. “They have our backs. And Donald Trump will have your backs.”

Bondi then pointed a finger at President Obama, arguing that the laws she holds dearly are held hostage by him.

“(The President is) determined to ignore laws he doesn't like, and by a former secretary of state who believes the laws don't apply to her. And, by the way, she deserves no security clearance. How do you become president of the United States when you have no security clearance? This lawlessness must stop. Right here. Right now. Donald Trump will stop it.” 

As the crowd cheered and started to chant “Lock her up,” Bondi continued her speech, laying out what Trump will do to bring back law and order in the country.

“'Lock her up,' I love that,” she said. “Stay with me. Donald is going to roll back Obama's unconstitutional executive orders.”

Bondi continued her speech with support for immigration policies that Trump has addressed in the past.

“He will enforce immigration laws to keep us safe, while allowing legal immigrants to bless this nation with their talents and their dreams,” she said. “And California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona – Donald Trump will take control of our borders, because we must stop the influx of cocaine and heroin coming into our country and my state, killing our kids.” 

Bondi then set up a few contrasts between Clinton and Trump.

“Hillary believes our enemies, this is unreal, deserve our respect and empathy,” she said. “Donald Trump believes terrorists deserve to die. Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will allow government to continue its rampage against our individual rights, with utter contempt for our Second Amendment. I know Donald. And I am proud to know Donald. He will appoint conservative justices who will defend, rather than rewrite, our Constitution.”

Bondi concluded her speech by asking the crowd if they were prepared to send ISIS a message that America is coming after them. If they support Trump, she said, he will make sure America is heard.

“So America, on Nov. 8, remember this: If you believe in limited government, if you believe in our historic constitutional rights, if you believe in the rule of law and if you believe it's time for America to start acting like America again, there is only one choice in this election: Donald Trump,” she said. “America's for Trump, and so am I.”

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