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Why is Miami a hub for deceptive labeling class actions? Lawyer-driven litigation, ‘venue shopping’ contribute to rise in suits

Part of Miami’s class action popularity could stem from the fact that the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act - under which the Leffe case was filed - is a pro-plaintiff protection act, with plaintiffs able to recover attorneys’ fees in a settlement, McKenzie said. 

Increasing number of false advertising cases against food and drink hard to swallow, critic says

The lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit is supposed to represent other members of the class who have an identical problem, according to William Large, president of the Florida Justice Reform Institute. Since the purchase of beer is very subjective in nature, it would be extremely difficult to prove that any other member of the class had the same subjective thought as the lead plaintiff. 

Attorney predicts deceptive labeling class actions will increase; Leffe case brewing in Florida

The Leffe case is the third such lawsuit AB InBev has undergone in as many years. In 2013, the company was sued for its alleged misleading Beck’s Beer and Kirin Ichiban Beer labels. Those suits claimed AB InBev misrepresented the products by insinuating that Beck’s is brewed in Germany and Kirin Ichiban is brewed in Japan, when both beers are actually brewed in the U.S.