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Tallahassee office complex owner not deterred in fight with state over building

TALLAHASSEE – A Tallahassee office complex that allegedly had as much as 10 pounds of bat feces in its ceiling, in addition to low air quality and other unhealthy conditions, is continuing a legal battle against the state of Florida, despite a court ruling that could weaken its case.

Florida Supreme Court to decide if 'pain and suffering' caps are consitutional

TALLAHASSEE – Florida's highest court held hearings earlier this month on a case that could redefine the ever-changing legal landscape of medical malpractice suits.

Florida Legal Access Commission desires permanent status to continue work

JACKSONVILLE – A temporary state commission set up to help fill the "justice gap" will request to become a permanent fixture, as its members say the problem is bigger than a temporary solution can fix.

Florida Power and Light investment decision set back by Supreme Court

TALLAHASSEE –  Florida Power and Light (FPL) knew it was taking a risk when becoming the first public utility to invest in gas production. Now, it's been dealt a major setback that means, at least in Florida, it'll be the last.

Florida court of appeal sends citrus canker case back to Broward

WEST PALM BEACH – A contentious Broward County citrus canker court case has led to something not often seen after court cases – both sides declaring victory.

State Supreme Court issues ruling against Safeco Insurance in uninsured motorist case

TALLAHASSEE – Florida's highest court recently ruled that insured drivers involved in accidents with uninsured motorists are entitled to a jury determination of liability and full extent of recoverable damages before a first-party bad faith case, as Florida courts continue to seek to protect drivers in insurance cases.

Congress hears from Miami professor, FIRE over freedom of speech on college campuses

WASHINGTON – University of Miami law professor Frances Hill recently testified before the U.S. House Ways and Means Subcommittee hearing on colleges stifling free speech over fears of losing tax-exempt status, an issue that's become a serious concern on and off campuses nationwide. 

Lakeland attorney fears precedent in lottery winnings case; More frivolous claims are likely, he says

LAKELAND – A Seminole County judge's ruling over disputed lottery winnings brought some legal definition to the concept of a verbal contract. One Florida attorney, however, believes the case could lead to a troubling precedent.