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Florida woman accuses former employer of manipulating hours, paying less wages

OCALA – A Florida woman is suing her former employer over alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Florida Minimum Wage Act.

Tallahassee loan servicing firm allegedly violated Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

MIAMI—A Florida man is suing over alleged violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

American Casualty seeks judgment regarding single claim vs. compound claim

WEST PALM BEACH—A Pennsylvania insurance company is suing over whether a claim is individual or related, which would make a difference in the payout of the claims.

Fleetmatics allegedly violated Fair Labor Act

TAMPA – Former Florida co-workers are suing over alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which mandates overtime pay of time and a half for certain workers.

Miami's Menper Distributors alleges trademark infringement

MIAMI–A Miami corporation is suing over what it believes is trademark infringement and unfair competition under federal and state statutes.

Plaintiff alleges unwarranted nuisance calls by debt collector

FORT LAUDERDALE – A Fort Lauderdale man is suing over claims that a debt collector made repetitious and invasive automated calls to his cell phone for a debt owed by another person.

Filipino media company seeks $2 million per alleged copyright infringement

FORT LAUDERDALE—A media corporation based in the Philippines and California is suing over alleged trademark and copyright infringement.

BPI Sports claims competitor's bars are advertised with false claims

MIAMI – A Hollywood company is suing over allegedly false claims made by a competitor regarding the competitor's energy bars.

Suit against RV plumbing manufacturers claims breach of contract, interference

A Jacksonville company is suing over allegations that the defendants, headquartered in Taiwan, shipped faulty faucets and shower stalls, and then interfered with the plaintiff's ability to conduct business.