Indiana attorney Courtney Krudy, who has been practicing in Florida for four years, has been disbarred following a May 25 Florida Supreme Court order after resigning from the state bar in her home state during an investigation into allegations she had misappropriated funds from her previous law firm.

Krudy of Greenwood, Indiana, misappropriated funds from her previous law firm in Indiana by misdirecting advance fee payments from clients to herself," said the four-page petition for disciplinary revocation filed by the Florida State Bar with the state supreme court. "Petitioner further named herself as trustee of a client's trust and proceeded to take money from that trust for her own personal use."

In addition to issuing the reciprocal discipline action, the Florida high court also ordered Krudy to pay the Florida State Bar's costs of $1,250.

The state supreme court issued its order of disciplinary revocation, tantamount to disbarment, with leave to seek readmission after five years. The Florida State Bar announced the discipline and the Supreme Court's order June 29.

Krudy was admitted to the bar in Florida on April 8, 2013, according to her profile at the state bar website. Krudy has had no other discipline before the Florida State Bar for at least 10 years, according to her profile.

Krudy resigned from the Indiana State Bar in December amid an investigation by the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission into allegations of misconduct against her. The Indiana Supreme Court accepted her resignation Dec. 16, making it effective immediately.

Krudy resigned pursuant to Indiana Admission and Discipline Rule 23(17), which requires an attorney acknowledge a pending an investigation into allegations of misconduct against which and attorney cannot successfully defended him or herself.

Under that rule, with Krudy's resignation the investigation into her alleged misconduct has been dismissed but does not relieve her from any liability that may arise from her alleged misconduct under civil or criminal law, according to the Indiana Supreme Court's order.

Krudy is ineligible to petition to be reinstated to the Indiana State Bar for five years and if she should petition to be reinstatement, her alleged misconduct may be addressed at that time.  Her reinstatement in Indiana also is discretionary and would require Krudy offer evidence that she is remorseful, rehabilitated and fit to practice law.

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