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Integrated Supply Network Inc. accused of unequal pay practices

TAMPA – A Polk County automotive tool specialist is facing a suit from a former female employee alleging that she was paid less than her male counterparts.

Former employee alleges Hometown Ventures did not pay overtime

FORT MYERS – A Collier County cashier has filed a class-action lawsuit her former employer alleging she was not paid overtime wages.

Florida's abortion delay law again on hold

TALLAHASSEE – A law that required Florida women seeking an abortion to make a second visit to their doctor after at least 24 hours is again on hold, this time while the state’s Supreme Court considers its constitutionality.

Man claims Cross Creek Barbecue has barriers to the disabled

JACKSONVILLE – A disabled Jacksonville man alleges that a Duval County restaurant has barriers at its property that have endangered his safety and denied him full and equal access.

Suit filed against Sun Life Assurance Co. by man seeking benefits

MIAMI – A Broward County man has filed suit against his insurance company alleging he is entitled to disability benefits.

Woman alleges Bisk Education retaliated against her for taking leave

TAMPA – A Hillsborough County woman alleges she was wrongfully terminated after making a request for maternity leave.

AAA alleges website uses mark without permission

TAMPA – An automobile association alleges a Lutz-based website uses its marks to advertise services without its authorization.

Island Stone makers accuse company of trademark infringement

ORLANDO – Manufacturers of artisan residential and commercial design materials allege that another company is selling similar products using its mark.

Government files suit against Collier County resident for allegedly unpaid income taxes

FORT MYERS – A suit has been filed against a Collier County certified public accountant alleging that he owes unpaid income tax liabilities and other penalties.

Kohl's alleged to have non-ADA compliant restrooms at Boynton Beach store

PALM BEACH – A Palm Beach County woman alleges a department store has barriers that restrict access to the disabled.

Patent suit filed over concealed carry handbags

FORT MYERS – A Lee County accessory manufacturer is suing a Nevada business alleging it infringed a patent for a concealed carry handbag.

Coral Springs business alleged to have sent unsolicited faxes

MIAMI – An Arkansas drug store and clinic alleges a Coral Springs business sent it junk faxes advertising medical supplies.

Florida court of appeal sends citrus canker case back to Broward

WEST PALM BEACH – A contentious Broward County citrus canker court case has led to something not often seen after court cases – both sides declaring victory.

Impact of Engle v. Liggett continues to be felt 10 years later

TALLAHASSEE – Big tobacco has been on the run in Florida since a 2006 decision to decertify a class-action lawsuit, freeing up thousands of potential plaintiffs to file independent suits.

Ed Frasier Memorial Hospital employee claims he was terminated for needing surgery

JACKSONVILLE – A former Ed Frasier Memorial Hospital alleges he was wrongfully terminated after he had scheduled knee surgery.

Men file suit against U.S. Marshal Service employee after accident

MIAMI – Three Miami-Dade County residents have filed a suit alleging they were injured in an accident in the county purportedly caused by a government employee.

State Supreme Court issues ruling against Safeco Insurance in uninsured motorist case

TALLAHASSEE – Florida's highest court recently ruled that insured drivers involved in accidents with uninsured motorists are entitled to a jury determination of liability and full extent of recoverable damages before a first-party bad faith case, as Florida courts continue to seek to protect drivers in insurance cases.

20-year property rights case finally coming to a close

WEST PALM BEACH – After a 20-year court battle, Coy Koontz Jr. may finally receive the land promised to his father ages ago.

House subcommittee to hear testimony on bill seeking to curb ADA lawsuit abuse

WASHINGTON–The House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Constitution and Civil Justice will hold a hearing today on the ACCESS (ADA Compliance for Customer Entry to Stores and Services) Act, which aims to protect small businesses from the widespread abuse of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Former employee alleges Metals Trading Corp. did not adequately pay him

MIAMI – A Dade County man has filed suit against his former employer and its owners alleging he was paid less than minimum wage during his employment.