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Army veteran granted new hearing in dispute over Social Security disability claim

By Takesha Thomas | Nov 12, 2018

JACKSONVILLE – The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit recently granted an Army veteran a new hearing for disability benefits after he had been denied the benefits by the Social Security Administration and that decision was later backed by the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

Subcontractor's case sent back to lower court after appeals court accepts junk-mail mishap as genuine

By Charmaine Little | Nov 11, 2018

A construction company's case was sent back to a lower court after the First District Court of Appeal in the State of Florida accepted that its counsel had failed to appear for a case management conference because the notice had gone to the counsel's junk mail folder.

Appeals court sides with Brazilian bank regarding proper forum issue in suit involving $2.7 million bank account

By Elizabeth Alt | Oct 24, 2018

MIAMI – Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals recently reversed a decision by the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court regarding the proper court venue for a Miami man's suit alleging fraud and breach of contract against a Brazilian bank.

Tiffany says Chinese company sold counterfeit goods in Florida

By Takesha Thomas | Oct 24, 2018

Tiffany, the famous brand behind the little blue gift box, accuses a China-based company of selling counterfeit items.

Appeals court remands part of summary judgment in dispute over real estate commissions

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 15, 2018

LAKELAND – A group of real estate brokers recently had a summary judgment on two sales appeals affirmed in part and reversed in part.

Arbitrator cannot decide class-wide status, appeals court rules

By Karen Kidd | Oct 13, 2018

Arbitrators cannot decide if individuals have the right to a class-action proceeding, a federal appeals court ruled.

No more attorney fees, appeals court rules

By Danielle Pacey | Oct 13, 2018

A construction company will not receive any more attorney fees in a conversion lawsuit.

Employee cannot bring lawsuit outside of Pennsylvania, appeals court rules

By Chandra Lye | Oct 13, 2018

A Florida employee of an industrial equipment supplier must contest his termination in Pennsylvania, a federal appeals court ruled.

Federal judge upholds class action settlement with Godiva Chocolatier

By Sandra Lane | Oct 11, 2018

A class action settlement between Godiva Chocolatier Inc. and an aggrieved customer will continue, a federal appeals court ruled.

Teletronics' bankruptcy petition fails

By Sandra Lane | Oct 11, 2018

A communications company failed a bid to claim Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections.

Appeals court sends portions of RICO case filed by Sun Life back to District Court in Florida

By Karen Kidd | Oct 10, 2018

JACKSONVILLE (Florida Record) – A federal appeals court has revived portions of a Canadian insurance company's racketeering lawsuit against a Missouri insurance premium finance service company but issues remain, one member of the three-judge panel said in his concurrence of the Sept. 18 decision in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Deaf man may sue over Hallandale Beach's lack of closed captioning on website

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 4, 2018

A deaf Florida resident may sue the city of Hallandale Beach for not adding closed captioning to videos on its public website, a federal appeals court ruled.

Philip Morris loses appeal in wrongful death lawsuit

By Tomas Kassahun | Sep 26, 2018

A widow will receive a new trial in her wrongful death lawsuit against Philip Morris.

Florida court rules against promoter of boxing superstar

By Tomas Kassahun | Sep 22, 2018

MIAMI — Florida's Third District Court of Appeal KO'ed a trial court’s decision to award $8.5 million to All Star, Inc., the former promoter for boxing superstar Canelo Alvarez.

Federal judge throws out four of five allegations of negligence against Wells Fargo Bank

By Sandra Lane | Sep 22, 2018

MIAMI – A lawsuit filed against Wells Fargo Bank alleging malfeasance in allowing fraudulent bank deposits to continue for an extended period of time was dismissed on Sept. 11 by U.S. District Judge Darrin P. Gayles.

Florida appeals court overturns arbitration order for parents of child injured in sports competition

By Chandra Lye | Sep 16, 2018

WEST PALM BEACH — A unanimous decision on Sept. 12 by the Fourth District Court of Appeal for the State of Florida has overturned a lower court decision in the case of an injured minor.

Court reverses ruling in Broward County School Board sexual harassment suit

By Elizabeth Alt | Sep 16, 2018

WEST PALM BEACH — Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals has ruled that the trial court erred in granting summary judgment to the School Board of Broward County, in a case alleging sexual harassment by a Broward County school principal.

Court rules aircraft financer did not show due diligence in serving Venezuelan defendant

By Elizabeth Alt | Sep 16, 2018

WEST PALM BEACH — Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals has reversed a trial court decision to grant an aviation finance company substitute service in a suit against a Panamanian company and its Venezuelan agent.

New trial ordered in dispute between La Ley Sports Complex and Homestead

By Chandra Lye | Sep 15, 2018

MIAMI — A Florida appeals court has ordered a new trial for a case involving a lease-purchase agreement between La Ley Sports Complex and the city of Homestead.

Appeals court refuses to support alleged stalker's claims that a Florida college violated his civil rights

By Mary Ann Magnell | Sep 15, 2018

MIAMI — A U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit upheld a district court’s decision on Sept. 13 in a stalking case involving a student who claims Valencia College violated his civil rights by expelling him.

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