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Court: Marriott must allow insurer to conduct 'destructive testing' in hurricane damage claim

By Marian Johns | May 21, 2019

South Beach Marriott has lost its legal attempt to prevent its insurance company from conducting "destructive testing" on its hotel property as part of a $16 million insurance claim due to damages from Hurricane Irma.

Fear that former partner will turn violent isn't enough for 'dating violence' injunction, appeals court says

By Karen Kidd | May 16, 2019

In Florida, it is not enough to be afraid that a former dating partner will be violent before a so-called "dating violence" restraining order may be granted, Florida's First District Court of Appea said in a recent opinion.

Law firm gets win vs timeshare developer in lawsuit over timeshare escape claims

By Marian Johns | May 16, 2019

A federal judge has granted a partial win to a law firm that offers "timeshare-relief services" in a lawsuit brought by a time share resort developer.

Federal court weighs in on Safeco's attempt to assign zero value to RV seized by FBI for prior owner's criminal acts

By Marian Johns | May 15, 2019

A federal court has intervened in a dispute over the testimonies of expert witnesses used in a case involving a Florida man who is suing his insurance carrier over the value of a stolen RV that he purchased and which was then confiscated by the FBI.

Insurance company loses effort to remand case involving coverage of Boca Raton condo president

By Marian Johns | May 15, 2019

An insurance company's move to send back to state court a coverage dispute with a Boca Raton condo association has been denied by a West Palm Beach federal judge.

Federal judge: Request for attorney fees 'excessive' in case involving Tampa commercial debt company

By Marian Johns | May 13, 2019

A federal court has ruled that a $400,000 fee request from attorneys for an Alabama marine supply company was "excessive" in a breach of contract and deceptive trade practices case they won against a Tampa commercial debt settlement company.

Judge: Online membership agreement means Florida residents suing JetSmarter must go to arbitration

By Florida Record | May 8, 2019

MIAMI — A federal court has granted Ft. Lauderdale-based JetSmarter's motion to compel arbitration in a lawsuit filed by two Florida residents, alleging the company breached its membership agreement regarding plane flight costs.

Federal court grants default judgment in trademark counterfeiting case

By Marian Johns | May 8, 2019

MIAMI — A federal court has granted a golf equipment company's motion for final default judgment in a case alleging Buyallpro's trademark counterfeiting and infringement through its marketing and selling in the Southern District of Florida.

Court stays case for coverage fight between Fort Myers construction management company, insurer

By Marian Johns | May 8, 2019

FORT MYERS – A federal court has stayed a case involving a Fort Myers construction management company that had been ordered to pay more than $600,000 in a construction defect lawsuit and who is being sued by its insurer over coverage in the matter.

Court denies motion to dismiss Vision Pharma's claims in contract dispute

By Marian Johns | May 8, 2019

FORT MYERS — An Iowa-based pharmaceutical company's effort to dismiss a complaint by Vision Pharma in a dispute over a product supply agreement has been struck down by a federal court.

Appeals court rules Chamber of Commerce is charitable organization exempt from property taxes

By Kyla Asbury | May 6, 2019

The Florida First District Court of Appeal ruled May 2 that the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce is exempt from paying property taxes because it is a charitable organization.

Appeals court dismisses claims over $286 hospital bill

By John Breslin | May 6, 2019

ATLANTA -- A federal appeals court has dismissed a suit by a Medicare claims company in an action over $286 that was paid by a Florida hospital group.

Court: Deal between Florida consulting firm, publishing house 'indefinite and terminable at-will'

By Marian Johns | May 6, 2019

TAMPA — A federal court has ruled that an agreement between a Florida business management consulting firm and a publishing house is indefinite and terminable at-will in a case alleging copyright infringement.

Hillsborough County lighting store's alleged trademark infringement case dismissed

By Marian Johns | May 6, 2019

TAMPA — A federal court has dismissed a case involving a Hillsborough County outdoor lighting factory direct delivery store, alleging trademark infringement against an Oregon commercial lighting manufacturer due to the lack of jurisdiction in Florida.

Appeals court rules Miami suit against banks over effect of predatory lending on tax base can continue

By John Breslin | May 3, 2019

The City of Miami can continue its legal action against two major banks accused of engaging in predatory lending practices that ultimately led to an increase in the municipality's tax base, an appeals court has ruled.

Hospitals prevail, as appeals court strikes down proposed new rules for calculating Medicaid reimbursements

By Kyla Asbury | May 1, 2019

Hospitals from throughout Florida have prevailed in their appeal of a state agency's decision to reduce state Medicaid reimbursement rates, as a state appeals court said the agency never established how the new reimbursement rules would accomplish the cost-cutting goals desired by state legislators.

State high court: Florida Power & Light can charge consumers for environmental work at Turkey Point plant

By Charmaine Little | Apr 30, 2019

The Florida Supreme Court ruled April 25 that it was legal for an electrical utility company to impose fees on customers in order to recover costs for work done to reduce the environmental damage caused by the company’s Turkey Point Power Plant.

Appeals court: Orlando business sued too quickly amid insurance dispute, not getting attorney fees

By Marian Johns | Apr 25, 2019

A federal appeals panel has denied an Orlando business' try to force an insurance company to pay its attorneys' fees, saying the business jumped the gun in suing its insurer before the contractually-required appraisal process had a chance to play out.

Florida Supreme Court rules Daytona hospital can't use bonds to build new hospital in neighboring county

By Kyla Asbury | Apr 25, 2019

The Florida Supreme Court ruled a special tax district was not authorized to build a hospital outside of its geographic boundaries using bonds.

Appeals court: Man who wrecked girlfriend's car while fleeing cops owes market value, not outstanding loan balance

By Karen Kidd | Apr 23, 2019

A man who wrecked his ex-girlfriend's Toyota Yaris while fleeing police in 2016 must pay only the vehicle's fair market value and not the upside-down loan still owned to a bank, a state appeals court has ruled.

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