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Attorney: Naomi Osaka, family on solid legal turf in asking judge to void deal with former coach

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 22, 2019

Professional tennis star Naomi Osaka and her family are seeking to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the athlete’s former coach, alleging that an agreement made when the athlete was a minor is null and void due to her age.

Florida Supreme Court rules Broward County judge to receive public reprimand for political activity

By Kyla Asbury | Apr 19, 2019

The Florida Supreme Court has ordered a public reprimand for a circuit judge who violated a political activity ban.

Naples home security company wins injunction in trademark design infringement case vs Chinese rival

By Marian Johns | Apr 19, 2019

A Naples-based home security equipment company that alleges a Chinese company has been selling counterfeit products with its trade and design marks, has been granted an injunction against the rival.

Defense questions plaintiff about personal choice decisions in Philip Morris trial

By John Sammon | Apr 19, 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE - Attorneys defending cigarette makers Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds on Thursday sought to portray plaintiff Karla Zingaro as knowing about the dangers of smoking early in her life but who disregarded the warnings and smoked anyway.

Judge: 'Deficiencies' in class action settlement between Florida cancer centers, N.J. county

By Marian Johns | Apr 19, 2019

A federal judge has put off approval of a deal to settle a class action lawsuit led by a New Jersey county against two Florida cancer treatment centers accused of inflating prices for treatment under a noncompete deal.

Judge: Canterbury School student's learning disability doesn't net additional year of athletic eligibility

By Florida Record | Apr 19, 2019

A federal judge has denied a Florida high school senior's emergency try to gain another year of athletic eligibility, upholding an earlier decision which found the student's learning disability wasn't enough to allow him to force the Florida High School Athletic Association to sidestep a rule limiting student athletes to only four years of playing time while in high school.

Federal judge awards Palm Beach County customer $677,000 after injuries at Burlington store

By Marian Johns | Apr 18, 2019

A federal judge has awarded a Palm Beach County woman more than $677,000 in damages in a case where she alleges she was injured when a display of tables fell on her while shopping at a Burlington store.

Woman testifies at trial she smoked cigarettes not knowing the dangers

By John Sammon | Apr 18, 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE – Karla Zingaro the plaintiff suing Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds for the lung conditions she suffers from appeared in court for the first time on Wednesday telling attorneys she became hooked on smoking at a young age not knowing the dangers from cigarette smoke.

Nutrition company cleared of responsibility in man’s liver failure

By John Sammon | Apr 18, 2019

WEST PALM BEACH – A South Florida online nutrition company was cleared of wrongdoing April 8 in the lawsuit launched by a man who alleged he suffered catastrophic liver damage after using the company’s green tea extract.

Florida chamber supports bill to cap pain, suffering damages in lawsuits

By John Severance | Apr 17, 2019

Florida House Bill 17 is not yet law, but the state's Chamber of Commerce is rooting for it as it makes its way through the legislature.

Florida, New York reach settlement with company accused of using social media bots

By Florida Record | Apr 17, 2019

The attorneys general of New York and Florida have reached a settlement with a company accused of selling fake social media engagement.

'Digital human' hologram maker Pulse Evolution wins order quashing investor info subpoenas in fraud suit

By Florida Record | Apr 17, 2019

A Florida federal judge has rejected a bid by a Jacksonville chiropractor to force the company behind the 2014 Michael Jackson hologram performance and other "hyper-realistic digital humans," to turn over a litany of investor information and other documents amid a securities fraud lawsuit.

Defense seeks to convince jury that smoker's problems caused addiction, not cigarette makers

By John Sammon | Apr 17, 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE – Defense attorneys in the trial of a woman suing cigarette makers Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds argued Tuesday that is was the plaintiff’s problems including depression, anxiety and possible bipolar disorder that led Karla Zangaro to compulsively smoke causing her health problems.

Mistrial declared in Philip Morris case; judge finds testimony prejudicial

By John Sammon | Apr 16, 2019

MIAMI – Judge Jose Rodriguez of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida declared a mistrial April 16 in a lawsuit filed by the estate of a deceased man whose relatives argue his premature death was caused by deadly nicotine addiction from the cigarettes produced by tobacco companies Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds.

Cases like Uber dispute involving arbitration clause in driver contract could go either way, lawyer says

By Brian Brueggemann | Apr 16, 2019

Uber scored a victory in a recent court dispute involving a driver under contract with the company.

Defense in Philip Morris trial says smoking danger was known early

By John Sammon | Apr 13, 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE – The defense in a trial accusing cigarette maker Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds of damaging a woman’s lungs through addictive nicotine on Friday built on its case that the dangers of smoking were well known by the public for a long time.

Plaintiff attorneys say declining smoking industry targeted teen smokers

By John Sammon | Apr 12, 2019

MIAMI – Attorneys for plaintiff Rosemary Olsen on Thursday sought to portray tobacco companies Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds targeting teenage smokers as potential saviors of an industry whose overall business in the 1980's was in danger of declining, and who created bogus front organizations to combat knowledge of the dangers of smoking.

Pulmonologist says Zingaro tobacco addicted as defense calls star plaintiff witness biased

By John Sammon | Apr 12, 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE – A pulmonologist on Wednesday told a jury that plaintiff Karla Zingaro’s nicotine addiction kept her from being able to quit smoking for a long time and the damage done to her lungs is like trying to walk up a flight of stairs while breathing through a straw.

Court rules German citizen linked to Orange County real estate racketeering can be deposed

By Marian Johns | Apr 11, 2019

A federal judge has ordered that a German citizen who resides in Switzerland can be compelled to produce documents and undergo a deposition in a case regarding alleged racketeering that involved real estate in Orange County.

Judge rules two expert witnesses can testify about 2016 yacht pump failure, fire

By Karen Kidd | Apr 11, 2019

Two expert witnesses will be allowed to testify about a pump failure that cause a fire in a yacht in 2016, according to a federal judge's recent order.

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