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Naples attorney fails in bid to have malpractice suit dismissed; judge orders case transferred to Florida court

By John Breslin | Jun 18, 2018

A federal judge in Vermont recently denied a Florida-based attorney's request to dismiss a suit brought against him by a foreign investor who accuses the attorney of legal malpractice, inadequate representation and unjust enrichment in an alleged scam involving $200 million.

Immigration firm sued for 'inadequate representation'

By Carrie Salls | May 20, 2018

A Vermont federal court denied a motion for dismissal lawsuit filed against Anthony Korda and The Korda Law Firm by a man who was seeking permanent U.S. residency, instead ordering that the case be moved for jurisdictional purposes to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, according to an opinion filed on May 8.

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