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Customer accuses vehicle distributor of breach of contract

ORLANDO — An Orange County customer is suing a motor vehicles distributor, alleging breach of implied warranty.

Ford Motor Company accused of breach of warranty

An individual is suing Ford Motor Company for alleged breach of warranty.

The Forbes Company LLC, Maintenance of Florida Inc. accused of negligence

An individual is suing The Forbes Company LLC and Maintenance of Florida Inc. for alleged negligence.

Man alleges Ford Focus has defects with transmission, engine

ORLANDO – A consumer claims the defects in his Ford vehicle have not been repaired after three attempts.

Appeals court rules in favor of J.P. Morgan Securities in $25 million investment case

A $25 million investment that went awry for a Florida company recently ended with an appeal before Florida's Fifth District Court of Appeal.

Lawsuits against airbag manufacturer dropped after guilty plea

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Two lawsuits filed against Japanese company Takata Corporation, its subsidiary TK Holdings Inc., and General Motors LLC were voluntarily dismissed on Jan. 25.

Law prof: Tickets issued through Aventura’s red-light camera program might still need paid

AVENTURA – A Florida appeals court decision earlier this week in favor of Aventura's red-light camera program means drivers who received traffic tickets from the city may need to pay up, a law professor said during a recent interview.

Ford Motor Co. files suit against Mad Enterprise alleging breach of contract

ORLANDO – A car manufacturer is suing an Ocoee business and an individual alleging they shipped vehicles to China in violation of the terms of a contract.

Consumer alleges Ally Financial engaged in telephone harassment

ORLANDO – A Melbourne woman is suing a company that sought to recover an alleged debt in a manner that the plaintiff claims is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act.

JP Morgan Chase accused for trying to over-collect on mortgage

MIAMI—A Florida woman is suing JP Morgan Chase Bank alleging the company attempted  to over-collect on her mortgage with misleading fees.