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BARKER & COOK P.A.: 1 awarded substantial sum in discrimination lawsuit against town

By Press release submission | Jul 15, 2018

There are many small communities in Florida and elsewhere that have developed long-standing business relationships with certain companies.

BARKER & COOK P.A.: Dispatch center accuses software company of breach of contract

By Press release submission | Jul 8, 2018

When a company in Florida decides to make upgrades to daily operations, it may enter negotiations with numerous businesses before making a decision. Upon entering an agreement with another party, a company may expect to receive a quality product, and if the other party fails to deliver, litigation may follow.

BAKER & COOK, P.A.: Crossfit accuses Reebok of breach of contract

By Press release submission | Jun 25, 2018

When two or more companies in Florida or elsewhere enter into a long-term business arrangement, they may wish to set clear terms concerning how profits will be shared before signing a contract.

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