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BARKER & COOK P.A.: 2 parties engage in partnership disputes over park project

By Press release submission | Oct 21, 2018

When two or more entrepreneurs in Florida or elsewhere decide to undertake a major development project, they may choose to share responsibilities by forming a partnership.

BARKER & COOK P.A.: Lehman's files breach of contract lawsuit over project delays

By Press release submission | Oct 7, 2018

When two or more parties in Florida or elsewhere attempt to reach an agreement on a remodeling project, they may wish to discuss deadlines for its projected completion date.

BARKER & COOK P.A.: Former CEO accuses Barnes and Noble of breach of contract

By Press release submission | Sep 13, 2018

When a company in Florida begins to experience financial struggles, its owners may wish to identify the source of the problem and make budget cuts where necessary.

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