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MICHAEL L. FEINSTEIN PA: US Soccer Federation Facing Class Action Litigation Over Pay

By Press release submission | Mar 25, 2019

Running any type of business also means running the risk of facing lawsuits. In some cases, class action litigation can come against a business if consumers, clients, employees or other associated parties believe that they have faced issues as a result of the business's actions. When this happens, companies often have to mount a defense.

MICHAEL L. FEINSTEIN PA: Beyonce.Com At Center Of Class Action Litigation

By Press release submission | Jan 14, 2019

It is common for customers and potential customers to find issues with certain ways in which companies do business.

MICHAEL L. FEINSTEIN: Business Litigation Involving Spotify Comes To A Settlement

By Press release submission | Dec 28, 2018

Certain companies may not take the correct steps to ensure that they have received the necessary permissions to use a product. In such cases, the companies that own the rights to those products may suffer damages.

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