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MICHAEL L. FEINSTEIN, P.A.: Deceased Partner's Estate Involved In Business Contract Disputes

By Press release submission | Oct 7, 2018

It is not uncommon for businesses to face disputes. In some cases, individuals may allege that a company or its partners have violated the terms of agreements, and as a result, contract disputes can take place.

MICHAEL L. FEINSTEIN PA: Business Litigation Over Trademark Violations Involves Comic-Con

By Press release submission | Sep 13, 2018

Businesses can often face threats to their reputation and operations when another company infringes on trademarks or other intellectual property.

MICHAEL L. FEINSTEIN PA: Business Litigation Underway Involving Tinder Owners

By Press release submission | Aug 24, 2018

Business owners know that they will likely face conflicts in some form or another. Issues can arise with clients, customers, partners or current or former employees.

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