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Plaintiff attorneys say declining smoking industry targeted teen smokers

By John Sammon | Apr 12, 2019

MIAMI – Attorneys for plaintiff Rosemary Olsen on Thursday sought to portray tobacco companies Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds targeting teenage smokers as potential saviors of an industry whose overall business in the 1980's was in danger of declining, and who created bogus front organizations to combat knowledge of the dangers of smoking.

Pulmonologist says Zingaro tobacco addicted as defense calls star plaintiff witness biased

By John Sammon | Apr 12, 2019

FORT LAUDERDALE – A pulmonologist on Wednesday told a jury that plaintiff Karla Zingaro’s nicotine addiction kept her from being able to quit smoking for a long time and the damage done to her lungs is like trying to walk up a flight of stairs while breathing through a straw.

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