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Judge allows expert witnesses to testify for both sides in Carnival cruise slip-and-fall case

By Chandra Lye | Mar 27, 2019

A Miami federal judge has rejected requests by both sides to reject testimony from expert witnesses amid a lawsuit over a slip-and-fall suffered by a man aboard a Carnival cruise ship.

Judge rules expert witnesses can testify in Carnival negligence lawsuit

By Kristin Emery | Mar 24, 2018

MIAMI — A judge in a negligence lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines and a travel company it partners with has ruled two expert witnesses for the plaintiff will be allowed to testify as experts and that the defendant’s doubts about their credibility as experts is best addressed in cross-examination.

Carnival Cruise Line allegedly failed to keep a walkway dry, prompting a passenger to fall

By Wadi Reformado | Sep 11, 2016

MIAMI — A former passenger has filed suit against a cruise line after she allegedly slipped and fell on a wet walkway.

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