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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

National Federation of Independent Business

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  • Business group questions need for biometric privacy legislation, speculates it's lawyer-driven

    Calls for biometric privacy legislation are increasing in Florida, leading some observers to speculate that it is lawyer-driven rather than based on concerns from "Joe Citizen."Biometric privacy has becom​e a hot-button issue in Florida, leading some observers to wonder why.

  • NFIB, CALA report variances in statewide tort costs

    Two special interest groups, the National Federation of Independent Business and Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, recently published a study in which they allege direct lawsuit costs to the Sunshine State of approximately $7.8 billion. According to NFIB Executive Director Bill Herrle, Florida’s direct cost of litigation has an estimated $11.8 billion in gross state product across 12 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).

  • NFIB applauds Florida assignment of benefits reform, eyes tort reform in 2020

    The passing of the assignment of benefits reform at this year’s Florida legislative session will have a far bigger impact than just tort reform according to lobbying firm National Federation of Independent Business. For Bill Herrle, the group’s executive director, the passing of the legislation means Florida state can move past a necessary, but time-consuming milestone, and eye broader and much-needed reform in 2020.

  • Attorneys don’t favor regulating third party lawsuit lenders

    Add Teaser hereTALLAHASSEE – Attorneys said there is a likelihood Florida could adopt a state law requiring disclosure of finance lenders who loan money to plaintiffs in lawsuits as the state of Wisconsin recently did, but two noted they would not like to see the kind of regulation that banks have.