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Customer blames store for fall, injuries

ORLANDO — An Orange County customer is suing an Orlando property owner, alleging negligence in having an inappropriate flooring surface, which caused injuries.

Orlando couple alleges insurance firm failed to cover damaged property

ORLANDO — An Orlando couple is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Property owner accuses developers of violating building code

ORLANDO — A Rhode Island woman who owns property in Orange County is suing a property developer corporation, alleging negligence and design defect.

Booking agency accused of contract breach

ORLANDO — A client is suing an entertainment booking company, alleging breach of contract and failure to return $12,000.

Baggage service company alleges former employee deleted files without consent

ORLANDO — An Orlando baggage services business is suing a former employee, alleging breach of contract.

Customer accuses Wal-Mart, employee of assault

ORLANDO — An Orange County mother is suing Wal-Mart and a female employee, alleging the assault of a minor child.

Financing company alleges vehicle owner owes more than $8,000

ORLANDO — A financing company is suing a vehicle owner, alleging breach of contract in failure to pay more than $8,000.

Consumer alleges Equifax's negligence caused massive data breach

CLEARWATER — A Florida man is suing Equifax,alleging negligence allowed its computer systems to be hacked and that the personal data of 143 million Americans was at risk of being stolen.

Visitor blames St. Petersburg apartment owner for not maintaining stairs

CLEARWATER — A visitor is suing a St. Petersburg apartment owner, alleging negligence in causing injuries by not keeping the complex safe.

Orlando homeowners allege insurance firm violated contract

ORLANDO — An Orlando couple is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Black employee accuses nursing home of racial discrimination

CLEARWATER — A Hillsborough County woman is suing a Pinellas County nursing home facility, alleging racial discrimination and wrongful termination.

Property owner seeks coverage for sinkhole damage from Southern Oak Insurance Co.

CLEARWATER – A Saint Petersburg property owner alleges he is entitled to benefits for damages to the property caused by a sinkhole.

Homeowners allege First Community Insurance Co. failed to fully pay claim

CLEARWATER – Palm Bay property owners allege that their insurer only partially paid their loss claim.

Olympus Insurance Co. alleges home inspector failed to turn off kitchen range, caused fire

CLEARWATER – An insurance company is seeking subrogation for damages from a fire allegedly caused by a kitchen range that wasn't turned off.

Patient alleges medication prescribed by West Central Gastroenterology caused organ damage

CLEARWATER – A Pinellas County man alleges that his kidneys were damaged as a result of medication prescribed to him.

Quad B Trucking LLC alleged to owe more than $79,000

CLEARWATER – An Illinois corporation alleges that a trucking company owes it nearly $80,000.

Man claims he was injured in collision and Allstate hasn't compensated him

CLEARWATER – A man claims that he was injured in a collision in Palm Harbor and that an insurance company has failed to provide compensation.

Print Quickness Inc. alleged to have failed to pay loan

CLEARWATER – A Pinellas County business is alleged to have defaulted on a loan.

Walmart shopper seeks more than $15,000 after falling in Largo store

CLEARWATER – A Clearwater woman alleges that she was injured while shopping at a Walmart store in Largo.

Property owners claim Olympus Insurance failed to pay full benefits for wind damage

CLEARWATER – Palm Harbor property owners allege that their insurer has failed to pay them full benefits for damages they sustained to their property.