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Woman files suit against Wickham Park Homeowners Association over fall allegedly caused by sprinkler head

ORLANDO – A Polk County woman alleges the negligence of a landscaping company and others caused her to fall at a rental property.

Oceanside Estate Apartments tenant alleges unit was infested with bed bugs

CLEARWATER – A tenant at a Pinellas Park property is seeking damages after her apartment was alleged infested with bed bugs.

Thomas 49th LLC alleges Office Furniture now owes more than $30,000 in rent

CLEARWATER – A landlord of a Clearwater property alleges a tenant has defaulted on a loan and is seeking to evict it.

Motorist seeks damages from driver, Progressive American Insurance after Clearwater collision

CLEARWATER – A Pinellas County man is seeking underinsured motorist coverage from his insurer after a collision in Clearwater.

Homeowner seeks coverage from Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co. over Irma damage

ORLANDO – An Orlando homeowner has filed suit against her insurer over damages to her property from Hurricane Irma.

Visitor blames Orlando apartment owners for gunshot wounds

ORLANDO — An Orange County man is suing the owner/operator of an Orlando apartment complex, alleging failure to warn of a dangerous situation.

Customer accuses boat steering mechanism manufacturer of negligence

CLEARWATER — An Oklahoma man is suing the manufacturer of a boat steering mechanism, alleging product liability.

Mother accuses martial arts school of sexually abusing minor child

CLEARWATER — A mother is suing the operators of a Seminole martial arts school, alleging sexual abuse to a minor student.

Customer blames McDonald's for injuries due to spilled hot coffee

ORLANDO — An Orange County woman is suing McDonald's, alleging failure to properly secure the lid of a hot coffee cup that led to injuries.

Lender alleges loan borrower owes nearly $250,000

ORLANDO — An Orange County man is suing a loan borrower, alleging failure to pay off monthly loans.

Golf course employee blames ice delivery business for truck fire, injuries

ORLANDO — A groundskeeper employee is suing an ice distributor, alleging failure to maintain a refrigerated truck that led to a fire.

Employee accuses transportation company of wrongful termination

ORLANDO — An employee is suing a transportation company, alleging retaliation and wrongful termination.

Orlando property owner alleges insurer failed to cover water damage

ORLANDO — An Orlando property owner is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Patient alleges hospital failed to properly assist him from wheelchair

ORLANDO — A patient is suing an Ocoee medical facility, alleging failure to assist the plaintiff from a wheelchair.

Orlando resident alleges insurance company breached policy

ORLANDO — An Orlando property owner is suing an insurance company, alleging refusal to provide proper coverage.

Motorcycle owner alleges failure to pay for damaged property

ORLANDO — A motorcycle owner is suing an Orange County woman, alleging breach of contract and fraud.

Assistant accuses Florida state attorney of disability discrimination

ORLANDO — A disabled Orange County woman is suing the state attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit, alleged discrimination and wrongful termination.

Couple blames house of worship for husband's injuries

FORT LAUDERDALE — A Broward County couple is suing a Fort Lauderdale house or worship, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries to the husband.

Coral Springs motorist accused of causing crash, injuries

FORT LAUDERDALE — Three Pompano Beach residents are suing a Coral Springs motorist, alleging insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries.

Policy holder alleges insurance company failed to cover property damage

FORT LAUDERDALE — A Weston property owner is suing Federated Insurance, alleging breach of contract.