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Court rules Progressive's communication regarding potential settlement offers is relevant

By Marian Johns | May 7, 2019

OCALA — A federal court has denied in part and granted in part a motion made by Ocala residents who were injured in a car accident to compel better responses to interrogatories and requests for production in a case involving Progressive Insurance's handling of the claims.

Court rules Reddick farmer's property can be inspected in Hurricane Irma damage claim

By Marian Johns | May 7, 2019

OCALA — A federal court has granted an insurance company's move to compel an inspection of a property owned by a Reddick farmer who is disputing his insurance proceeds related to damage from Hurricane Irma.

Judge rules plaintiffs are adequate class representatives in GEICO case

By Marian Johns | May 7, 2019

ORLANDO — A federal judge has ruled that the plaintiffs named in a case alleging GEICO and Government Employees Insurance Company violated Florida law by not paying mandatory title, tag transfer and that license plate fees on "first-party total loss" auto claims are adequate class representatives in the suit.

Case involving injured UPS applicant remanded to Fourth Judicial Circuit

By Marian Johns | May 7, 2019

JACKSONVILLE — A federal court has denied United Parcel Service's (UPS) motion for extension of time to show cause and remanded a lawsuit to the circuit court in a case involving a job applicant who was hit in the head by a package while on a job interview.

Florida woman denied motion to remand case against insurance company's denial of hurricane benefits

By Marian Johns | May 6, 2019

MIAMI — A Miami U.S. District Judge has denied a Florida woman's motion to remand in a lawsuit she filed against her home insurance company for alleged breach of insurance relating to damage her property sustained during Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Court OKs motion for summary judgment in case involving injured Pinellas Park police officer

By Marian Johns | May 6, 2019

TAMPA — A federal court has issued an order to grant a defendant's motion for summary judgment in a case involving a city of Pinellas Park police officer who was struck while on duty directing traffic.

Court: Deal between Florida consulting firm, publishing house 'indefinite and terminable at-will'

By Marian Johns | May 6, 2019

TAMPA — A federal court has ruled that an agreement between a Florida business management consulting firm and a publishing house is indefinite and terminable at-will in a case alleging copyright infringement.

Hillsborough County lighting store's alleged trademark infringement case dismissed

By Marian Johns | May 6, 2019

TAMPA — A federal court has dismissed a case involving a Hillsborough County outdoor lighting factory direct delivery store, alleging trademark infringement against an Oregon commercial lighting manufacturer due to the lack of jurisdiction in Florida.

U.S. court dismisses hurricane damage claim from Naples dental practice

By Marian Johns | May 3, 2019

FORT MYERS — A federal court has dismissed a property damage claim from a Naples dental practice and ordered a deadline for further proceedings on another damage claim that includes losses for "business interruption" due to power outages from Hurricane Irma.

Appeals court: Orlando business sued too quickly amid insurance dispute, not getting attorney fees

By Marian Johns | Apr 25, 2019

A federal appeals panel has denied an Orlando business' try to force an insurance company to pay its attorneys' fees, saying the business jumped the gun in suing its insurer before the contractually-required appraisal process had a chance to play out.

Appeals panel: Judge erred in allowing contract suit to proceed vs MBC Gospel Network despite lack of original note

By Marian Johns | Apr 23, 2019

A Florida state appeals panel says a Leon County judge ignored the law when she allowed Florida's News Channel to continue with a contract lawsuit against Christian TV programmer MBC Gospel Network, even though the plaintiff couldn't produce an original copy of the promissory note at the heart of the controversy.

Naples home security company wins injunction in trademark design infringement case vs Chinese rival

By Marian Johns | Apr 19, 2019

A Naples-based home security equipment company that alleges a Chinese company has been selling counterfeit products with its trade and design marks, has been granted an injunction against the rival.

Judge: 'Deficiencies' in class action settlement between Florida cancer centers, N.J. county

By Marian Johns | Apr 19, 2019

A federal judge has put off approval of a deal to settle a class action lawsuit led by a New Jersey county against two Florida cancer treatment centers accused of inflating prices for treatment under a noncompete deal.

Federal judge awards Palm Beach County customer $677,000 after injuries at Burlington store

By Marian Johns | Apr 18, 2019

A federal judge has awarded a Palm Beach County woman more than $677,000 in damages in a case where she alleges she was injured when a display of tables fell on her while shopping at a Burlington store.

Florida Supreme Court denies school superintendent's petition

By Marian Johns | Apr 17, 2019

TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Supreme Court has denied the petition of suspended Okaloosa County superintendent of schools Mary Beth Jackson to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis' decision over her suspension.

Oviedo therapist loses appeal in sexual misconduct case

By Marian Johns | Apr 17, 2019

TALLAHASSEE — A psychotherapist practicing in Oviedo has been denied the appeal of his emergency license restriction that prevented him from treating female patients due to allegations of sexual misconduct.

Court rules German citizen linked to Orange County real estate racketeering can be deposed

By Marian Johns | Apr 11, 2019

A federal judge has ordered that a German citizen who resides in Switzerland can be compelled to produce documents and undergo a deposition in a case regarding alleged racketeering that involved real estate in Orange County.

Florida judge denies try by Swedish billionaire to dismiss lawsuit over hotel deal

By Marian Johns | Apr 4, 2019

A federal judge has denied a motion to dismiss by defendants in an alleged conspiracy case involving a billionaire real estate developer from Switzerland and a New Jersey investor who entered into a contract for the purchase of a luxury hotel chain.

Ex-Aspen Corp. CEO, accused of violating employment agreement, granted transfer of case to Miami

By Marian Johns | Apr 4, 2019

A Florida man, who formerly served as CEO of Aspen Corporation, has won an order from a judge allowing him to take to Miami federal court a lawsuit accusing him of violating his employment agreement.

Florida court denies Zurich's motion to dismiss country club's bad faith claim over Hurricane Irma damage

By Marian Johns | Apr 4, 2019

A Florida court will allow a Naples country club to continue with its lawsuit accusing insurer Zurich American of bad faith in allegedly refusing to completely fund the country club's insurance claims for damage from Hurricane Irma.

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