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Proposals for settlements on the rise in Florida

By Charmaine Little | Apr 23, 2017

Proposals for settlements (PFSs) are on the rise for the insured in Florida, but are they really more cost-effective than completing the litigation process?

Florida couple prevails in foreclosure appeal

By Charmaine Little | Apr 21, 2017

BROWARD COUNTY — A Florida couple won an appeal in a foreclosure case ruling by the 4th District Court of Appeal of Florida, according to an April 19 opinion.

Foreclosure case ends with ruling in favor of Florida woman

By Charmaine Little | Apr 20, 2017

WEST PALM BEACH — The Fourth District of the District Court of Appeal of the State Florida ruled in favor of a Florida woman in a foreclosure case, according to an April 19 opinion.

Miami golf resort responsible for fees, costs in renovation case with paint company, court says

By Charmaine Little | Apr 18, 2017

MIAMI — The 3rd District Court of Appeal for the state of Florida ruled that a Miami golf resort was responsible for attorney’s fees following a lien judgment.

Attorney for Florida man ordered to pay $1.9 million in negligence case stays quiet

By Charmaine Little | Apr 13, 2017

MIAMI — The legal team for a Florida man who might have to pay a $1.9 million settlement in a negligence case has remained silent.

Appeals court says woman's ring is pre-marital property

By Charmaine Little | Apr 12, 2017

DAYTONA BEACH — The 5th District Court of Appeal has said in its opinion that a Florida woman's engagement ring was pre-marital property in a divorce case to determine the equitable distribution of jewelry.

Florida man heads back to court after winning $1.3 million negligence case

By Charmaine Little | Apr 7, 2017

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- A Florida man was awarded $1.3 million in a negligence case based on a March 31 opinion in the Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal. But his fight isn’t over. 

Fifth District Court dismisses Florida man's appeal in foreclosure case

By Charmaine Little | Apr 7, 2017

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla -- Florida's Fifth District Court of Appeal decided it does not have the power to rule on a Florida's man appeal in a foreclosure case according to an opinion released March 31.

Appeals court rules lower court can rehear $1.9 million negligence case

By Charmaine Little | Apr 6, 2017

An appeals court panel ruled last week that a Florida man's $1.9 million negligence award can be re-tried.

Florida Supreme Court clarifies limits to litigation privilege in case stemming from Debrincat v. Fischer

By Charmaine Little | Apr 1, 2017

The Florida Supreme Court has used the case of Debrincat v. Fischer to clarify the limits of litigation privilege, a decision that could influence how plaintiffs file lawsuits in the future.

Future is uncertain for disgraced former 4th Judicial Circuit judge

By Charmaine Little | Feb 3, 2017

JACKSONVILLE – The next step for a former Florida judge is still unclear after he resigned from the bench just before a potential impeachment trial.

Dean notes that Florida law school isn't party to lawsuit

By Charmaine Little | Feb 2, 2017

JACKSONVILLE – The dean of a Florida law school has responded after the institution was accused of bribing students in efforts to help bar passing rates.

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